App is not responding

For some customers, instead of a Karma page the following error will be shown:

Confluence shows this error when it cannot reach our servers. This usually happens because your network is blocking access to our domain, but it might also be a Confluence outage.

Here are possible resolutions:

Company VPN or firewall is blocking our domain

This is the most likely scenario, especially if multiple or even all devices of your company are showing this error.

Please ensure that you company VPN or firewall is not blocking our domain:

Your internet provider is blocking our domain

In rare scenarios, your internet provider might be blocking our domain:

  • You can test this by connecting your device to a different network or using your mobile data

  • If Karma is correctly displayed within other networks, your internet provider might be blocking our domain

  • Please contact your internet provider and ask them to unblock our domain

Confluence has an outage

Please check Confluence’s Status Page for ongoing incidents: