Aura Panel (Cloud)

The Aura Panel macro allows you to create panels that display your content in a more attractive, easy-to-read, and organized way. With Aura's powerful and intuitive configuration dialog even inexperienced users can create beautiful panels and easily customize those to suit their needs.









Please follow these steps to insert an Aura - Background Content macro on a Confluence Page:

  • Go to the Confluence page you wish to edit

  • Click on the Edit button of the Confluence page or press E

  • In the page editor click on the + button (Insert More Content) and select Other macros

  • Select the Aura Panel macro from the provided list and the configuration dialog appears




Please follow these steps to edit an Aura - Panel macro on a Confluence Page:

  • The configuration dialog helps users to create the background that suit their needs and the live preview shows the result in realtime.

  • After the configuration is done click Save and the Aura - Background Content will be visible on your Confluence page. Clicking on Close will abort the configuration and the inserting of the macro.

Choose from different pre-designed templates and customize them in the Advanced Config tab to suit your needs.



The configuration is separated into two sections:

  1. Header

  2. General

Every option in the Header section will only affect the header of the panel. The options in the General section will affect the whole body of the panel. All available & activated options can be removed by clicking on the bin icon on the right side of each option.



Enter a title & adjust the color, weight and size of the title.


Select an icon & adjust the color and the size.


Choose how the content of the entire header should be aligned.

Background Color

Adjust the background color of the entire header.


Displays a horizontal rule between the header and the main content section. Adjust the color & the width.



Choose a custom size (for the width &/or height) or use the 100% width option.


Adjust how text should be formatted (that will be inserted later on in the panel).

Background Color

Select a fitting background color.


Choose how the border of the entire panel should look like.

Rounded Corners

Choose between several rounded corners options.


Choose between several shadows that will be displayed behind the panel.




Please follow these steps to edit or remove the Aura macro on a Confluence Page:

  • Go to the Confluence page you wish to edit

  • Click on the Edit button of the Confluence page or press E

  • Click on the Aura macro you wish to edit or remove

  • A small dialog with the options Edit and Remove appears

  • Click on the desired action



This table shows which content/macros can be inserted and used inside this Aura macro. Please note that the compatibility may change with each new cloud version that Atlassian releases.







Text & Formatting (color, italic etc.)

Empty lines are ignored (by Atlassian and we can not change that)



Bullet List


Numbered List


Check List

Editing in page view mode is unsupported


Cell color and sorting is unsupported.


Links are displayed in full length


Images can be scaled, but the size differs between Edit and View mode.




Most of the emojis are displayed as a blue star. This is a bug that Atlassian has to fix.

Here is an incomplete list of working emojis:

Code snippet

Content is visible, but line numbering, color highlighting and copy button are not available.





Atlassian Panels

The design differs in view mode compared to edit mode


The design differs in view mode compared to edit mode







PDF (directly inserted)





Activity Stream


Advanced Roadmaps for Jira

not tested


Agile Wallboard Gadget

not tested


Assigned to Me



Versions can not be maximized. Upload drop zone is not working. Uploading through button does not work.

Aura - Background Content


Aura - Button


Aura - Cards


Aura - Divider


Aura - Panel


Aura - Title


Average Age Chart


Average Number of Times in Status


Average Time in Status


Blog Posts

The ‘Create blog post’ button is greyed out and can not be used.

Change History




Children Display


Content by Label


Content Report Table




Contributors Summary


Create from Template


Created vs Resolved Chart


Days Remaining in Sprint Gadget

not tested


Decision report




Excerpt Include


Filter Results




Heat Map




Include Page


Issue Statistics


Issue in progress




Jira Charts


Jira Issues Calendar


Jira Road Map


Jira roadmap

not tested


Labels Gadget


Labels List



Visuals differ between Edit and View mode. Clicking on the 'Search' button displays the search results and the confluence frame at the top of the opened page.

Office Excel


Office Powerpoint


Office Word


Opsgenie Incident Timeline

not tested


Opsgenie Incident Timeline EU

not tested


Page Index


Page Properties


Page Properties Report


Page Tree


Page Tree Search

Clicking on the 'Search' button displays the search results and the confluence frame at the top of the opened page.



Pie Chart


Popular Labels


Profile Picture




Quick links


Recently Created Chart


Recently Updated

The Show More button open an ugly list of more recently updated content.

Recently Updated Dashboard

The tabs My Spaces & Network can not be opened.

Related Labels


Resolution Time


Roadmap Planner


Shared Links Bookmarklet Button


Spaces List

The tab Favourite can not be opened.

Sprint Burndown Gadget


Sprint Health Gadget


Starred filters


Table of Content Zone


Table of Contents


Task report


Time Since Chart


Time to First Response


Trello Board

Seems to work

Trello Card

Seems to work

Two Dimensional Filter Statistics


User List


User Profile


Version Report


Voted Issues


Wallboard Spacer Gadget

not tested


Watched Issues


Widget Connector (YouTube Videos etc.)


Workload Pie Chart