Aura - Color Management

Aura enables Confluence Administrators to control which colors are available throughout Aura macros by introducing Color Palettes.

Each Color Palette comes with a set of up to 18 different colors that for example will match the companys brands and corporate identity. 

Administrators are able to create, edit, activate, deactivate, sort or delete Color Palettes.

In addition you are able to allow users to use custom colors, which activates a color picker for all users.




As a Confluence Administrator please go to:

  • Settings → Aura → Color Configuration

Aura's configuration page is separated into two sections:

  1. Custom Colors

  2. Color Palettes

Each section is described in detail below.




As a Confluence Administrator you are able to decide if you want to allow users to use custom colors in addition to Color Palettes.

Allowed (activated)

  • Once activated all Aura macros will provide a color picker (see column "Color Picker available").

Not allowed (deactivated)

  • The color picker ist unavailable in the deactivated state




Create new Color Palettes

In order to create a new Color Palette click the row named ‘Add new palette’ at the bottom of the Color Palettes.

A new Color Palette appears and is ready to be edited or used.


Add a color

Click on the + Button at the end of a Color Palette to add a new color. Each Color Palette can obtain up to 18 colors which is indicated below the + icon.

Edit a color

To edit a color hover above a color and click on the paint bucket icon. Use the color picker to select your desired color. You can also insert color codes. To do so, choose the right type by using the two arrow buttons and then insert your HEX or RGB values.


Remove a color

To remove a color hover above a color and click on the bin icon.


Rename Color Palettes

Click inside the name field and rename the Color Palette as you like. Apply this change by clicking on the check button. This name will be visible for all users.


Sort Color Palettes

Hover above the six dots icon and drag and drop the Color Palette to the desired position. The sorting has direct impact on the Color Palette dropdown inside Aura macros. The Color Palette on first position is the default one.

Delete Color Palettes

Click on a Color Palette's bin icon to delete it.

Activate / Deactivate Color Palettes

Color Palettes can be activated or deactivated with a click on the radio button.