Aura Button (Cloud)

The Aura Button macro allows you to create buttons that can provide hyperlinks to other Confluence pages, attachments, e-mail addresses, websites, or any other internet address. With Aura's powerful and intuitive configuration dialog, even inexperienced users can create beautiful buttons and easily customize those to suit their needs.














Please follow these steps to insert an Aura - Button macro on a Confluence Page:

  • Go to the Confluence page you wish to edit

  • Click on the Edit button of the Confluence page or press E

  • In the page editor, click on the + button (Insert More Content) and select Other macros

  • Select the Aura Button macro from the provided list, and the configuration dialog appears




  • The configuration dialog helps users create the button that suits their needs, and the live preview at the bottom shows the result in realtime.

  • After the configuration is done, click Save, and the Aura button will be visible on your Confluence page. Clicking on Close will abort the configuration and the inserting of the macro.


The text that should appear on the button.


Align your button: Left, Center, or Right


Choose from three different button sizes: Small, Medium, or Large

Clicking on Add Link will open up the Insert Link dialog where users can provide a hyperlink to a…:

  • …Confluence page,

  • …Confluence blog,

  • …Confluence attachment,

  • …e-mail address,

  • …website,

  • …or any other internet address.

The Insert Link dialog is separated into several parts:

  1. Search - Searches for Confluence pages, blogs, and attachments in specific Confluence spaces

  2. Recently viewed  - Displays all recently viewed Confluence pages, blogs, and attachments

  3. Attachment - Displays all attachments. Use the space filter to get fewer results

  4. Web - Insert an e-mail address, website, or any other internet address

Remove a link by hovering above the link field and clicking on the x button on the right.

Background Color

Color Palette & Color Boxes

Choose from predesigned color palettes (provided by Administrators) that suit your needs.

Each color palette comes with a set of up to 18 different colors that, for example, will match the companies brands and corporate identity. Click on a color box to apply the color to the button. An applied color box is highlighted with a white frame and a white circle.

Color Picker

Clicking on the paint bucket will open up the color picker dialog, where users can select a button color of their choice. The last eight used colors are shown at the bottom of this dialog.

If the color picker is not visible for you, then an Administrator has deactivated it for more color control throughout Confluence.

Rounded Edges (px)

Use the slider to round the edges of your button.


Activate this option to change the appearance of your button with an outline instead of a color fill.


Activate this option to change the appearance of your button with a shadow.


Add Icon

Click on the Add Icon button to add an icon to your button.

Search for icon

Filter the icon list by using words that match your use case

Icon List

The icon list displays all available icons that can be used for your buttons. Select or deselect an icon with a single click. The icon list is also scrollable in case you want to search visually for a suitable icon.

Icon Position

If an icon from the Icon List has been selected, you can choose whether it should be placed on the left or the right side of the Button Label.

Remove Icon

Click on the Remove Icon button to remove the icon.




Please follow these steps to edit or remove the Aura macro on a Confluence Page:

  • Go to the Confluence page you wish to edit

  • Click on the Edit button of the Confluence page or press E

  • Click on the Aura macro you wish to edit or remove

  • A small dialog with the options Edit and Remove appears

  • Click on the desired action