Aura - Changelog

New macro ‘Aura - Progress’

  • This macro allows you to create customizable progress bars to keep track of your initiatives, goals, key results, skill sets and much more.

  • Optionally display an automated calculated ‘Overall Progress’



Aura is Cloud Fortified

  • Aura is now Cloud Fortified and meets the highest security, reliability and support standards



  • The link dialog has been completely revised and is now displayed on the left so that you can still see your content

  • You can now preview images (by hovering)

  • More improvements for this dialog are on the way



Aura Status: Sort via drag’n’drop

  • Users can now sort their options easily via drag’n’drop




Color Picker

  • All color pickers have been improved with a new design and no more overlapping




New macro ‘Aura - Countdown’

  • This macro allows you to create a countdown. Promote events, releases or offers with different styles, sizes and colors.