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Aura User Profiles

  • Would you like to present your team members in the best possible way? Aura User Profiles is the way to go. Display specific users as beautiful and customizable cards.

  • Choose from different styles and customize colors, images and texts.

  • Nothing beats these visuals!

Aura Button Templates + Adjustable Width

  • Templates are now also available for the Aura Button macro. Provide buttons that your users truely need.

  • Futhermore several customers told us, that they want to adjust the width of Aura buttons. Your wish has been fulfilled. We hope you enjoy the new release. Big shout out to all of our customers!

Aura Embed now supports Loom videos

  • Based on customer feedback, users can now also embed Loom videos.

Aura Embed now supports Miro & Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint 365

  • We have added more of your daily tools to Aura Embed.

Aura HTML (iframe)

  • Add custom HTML, CSS and/or JS as an iframe to your Confluence pages. This feature must be enabled by an Administrator.

Aura Images

  • Add beautiful images to your Aura Background Content and Aura Cards with the new Aura Images feature in no time. Access over 2 million free photos.

Side by Side Aura Buttons

  • The Aura button got even better. Simply insert a new Aura Button and put your hands up for the following new improvements:

    • Insert the Aura button side by side

    • New icons - numbers, letters and more are now available in all Aura macros

    • New shapes

    • Customizable hover state

Aura Embed (Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Figma etc.)

  • Consolidate information from external systems on your confluence site with the all new Aura Embed macro. Easily embed Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms & Figma (+FigJam) into your Confluence pages. We will add more tools like Miro, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word & Forms very soon.

Aura in-app news

  • Every month we release numerous features, improvements and tutorials. With our new feature Aura News, we always keep you up to date directly in Confluence. This saves time and you can take advantage of the new features instantly.

Panel & Background Content Preview

  • The Aura Macros Panel and Background Content now render existing content in the Aura Editor (note that not every content type can be previewed here)

Opacity Slider for Background Cotent

  • The opacity slider is built into Aura from the start, but it's always been a bit hidden. We changed this for the background content macro. Now it is directly visible.

Video Tutorials + Link

  • Video tutorials are now available with just a few clicks. We will gradually make more videos available.

New feature ‘Macro Templates’

  • With the new Aura Macro Templates, administrators can easily maintain and deliver all Macro Templates for Aura Panel, Tab Group and Status in one central location

  • Add new templates or customize the default Aura templates to suit your needs

  • Structure your macro templates into categories and sort them via drag and drop

  • Coming soon for more Aura Macros

New template preview for Aura Status

  • Instead of the simple template dropdown, the Aura Status macro now provides a real preview of the available templates

  • Bonus: We have revised the standard Aura Status templates and added new ones

Drag’n’Drop Progress Bars

  • The Aura Progress macro just got even better. You can now easily sort the progress bars via drag and drop

Upload attachments directly in the Aura Editor

  • You can now upload attachments directly via the Aura editor

  • Simply drag and drop your file into the new ‘Upload Attachment’ section

  • The image is then not only uploaded, but also set as new image for your Aura Card or your Background Content - easy peasy!

Usability improvements & enhanced stability

New macro ‘Aura - Progress’

  • This macro allows you to create customizable progress bars to keep track of your initiatives, goals, key results, skill sets and much more.

  • Optionally display an automated calculated ‘Overall Progress’

Aura is Cloud Fortified

  • Aura is now Cloud Fortified and meets the highest security, reliability and support standards

Improved Link Dialog

  • The link dialog has been completely revised and is now displayed on the left so that you can still see your content

  • You can now preview images (by hovering)

  • More improvements for this dialog are on the way

Aura Status: Sort via drag’n’drop

  • Users can now sort their options easily via drag’n’drop

Color Picker

  • All color pickers have been improved with a new design and no more overlapping

New macro ‘Aura - Countdown’

  • This macro allows you to create a countdown. Promote events, releases or offers with different styles, sizes and colors.

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